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About Isabeau

Flourish Hydra Complex by Isabeau, Inc.

Isabeau is an innovative anti-aging skin care label derived by fusing biological chemistry and cutting edge technology along with secret formulas flourished by Isabeau Vielleaux of France. Isabeau developed a skin care regiment formerly only available to the affluent due to the expense of rare ingredients, not to mention the labor intensive preparation and extensive curing methods. Isabeau pioneered an exclusive enduring compound with exceptional hydrating properties.

Today’s advanced technologies grant Isabeau an amazing opportunity to isolate, replicate and restructure compounds from Isabeau’s exclusive formula. Our chemists combined her formulas with progressive biochemistry; the moisture retention results exceeded all expectations.

Isabeau compounds generate an intense moisture regulator, in addition to a clinically tested and proven 440% moisture boost within only 2 days. Further, Flourish Hydra Complex increases hydration 500% after only one week.  No other facial treatment delivers an instant enduring result as Flourish Hydra Complex!

Isabeau Flourish Hydra Complex is a multi-source fusion of over 20 clinically tested natural ingredients specifically designed to regulate and increase moisture, prevent drying and cracking, and neutralize free radicals, thereby promoting an even skin tone. Flourish Hydra Complex is manufactured in a FDA approved facility.

Flourish Hydra Complex Intense Anti Aging Formula is the ultimate active hydration
for everyone!